Fitness for your Active Life

Whether you ride your bike down the dirt-packed mountain trails, or spend your weekends doing water sports or other outdoor activities, my brand of fitness & health doesn’t take YOU away from the ADRENALINE of being ACTIVE.  Pairing good nutrition with quick and efficient at-home workouts gives me time with my dog, my boyfriend, my career, all while empowering my community to remain active and healthy. Plus I still have time to get on the mountain bike! I do not profess to be a master chef, but I work hard to make sure to have healthy and flavorful meals on the table (most of the time.) I drink  Shakeology everyday because I love the nutrition it provides me and besides not getting sick in over two years it also gives me that extra edge to get the most out of my workouts and outdoor activities and I love to share my fave recipes.  I will confess too that I was terrible at getting myself to the gym and that’s why I love the Beachbody fitness programs. I’ve seen the results they’ve given me and I love the passion they have in helping to END THE TREND of obesity in our country by involving everyday people to reach out and help each other. My dream has always been to help and serve people and now I have found a way to do that and I have a organization that supports me and made it possible for me to have paid off all my debt and build a future where I have more freedom and the chance to be with my family and live comfortably on my terms.

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