Shakeology: The healthiest meal of the day!

  photo(10)Shakeology for me gave me the freedom to get amazing nutrition without the stress of coming up with as frequent trips to the grocery store or the know how to throw together recipes rich in all the superfoods one serving of Shakeology holds. I’m a busy person. I am a full time fitness coach, a teacher and I workout at least 5-7 days a week and this is something I can count on everyday to not only give me the nutrition I need to stay lean and help my body function at its optimal level but it also tastes great–you almost feel like you’re cheating every time you take a sip. Since drinking Shakeology every day for over 2 years I can confidently say that I am healthier, (I’m rarely sick and recover very quickly), I no longer crave sweets and processed foods and my body just feels great from the inside out. The one downside is I’m always having to get my hair cut because my hair grows like crazy! I’ll take it though!

Seriously, investing in this has been one of the best decisions of my life. I am healthier, I have incredible amounts of natural energy and its EASY! If you live even a somewhat busy life than you will treasure this and even realize it SAVES you money!

While Shakeology is a great tasting, nutritional shake in it’s own right, sometimes I like to be creative in the kitchen.

Check out some of my latest creations!

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